Friday, October 19, 2007

That Déjà vu feeling

Anyone else getting that déjà vu feeling right about now? The Wizards head into their last game of the season in the same way they have headed into their last game the past 2 seasons. More so, it's really starting to resemble the 2005 season. Just like this year, in 2005, the Wizards were heading into their last game of the season, also against FC Dallas, controlling their own destiny. A win and the Wizards would have gone into the playoffs, a draw and the Wizards would need help to get into the playoffs.

In 2005, the Wizards fell behind 2-0 early in the second half, only to fight their way back for a 2-2 tie, with Wizards legend, Preki scoring the game-tying and last goal of his fantastic career.
While the Wizards got a point, the Wizards missed the playoffs thanks to former Wizard, Tony Meola, standing on his head against Chivas USA the next day as New York won 1-0 to knock KC out of the playoffs.

Fast forward to 2007, and the Wizards are again heading down to Dallas. As with 2005, the Wizards can clinch a playoff spot if they take care of business and get a win down in Dallas. Should they not, the Wizards will again have to wait and see on Sunday. On Sunday Chicago plays LA, and if the Wizards don't get a point on Saturday, LA could hop over the Wizards and into the final playoff spot.

Will the Wizards take care of business on Saturday? Or will the Wizards again have to wait until Sunday, and will history repeat itself?

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