Monday, October 08, 2007

Bannister TIF Decision Delayed

I was all ready to post this link from Baine's Thought Collective, about the agenda for the TIF meeting on the 10th, when the Three Trails project, aka the Wizards project, was to be discussed. Unfortunately it looks like his link may be a little bit off, as this article was also released tonight.

The article from the KC Business Journal states that the proposal for the Bannister site has been tabled for another month. The article gives no reason as to why the proposal was tabled for another month. Was it to allow more time for discussion? Was it because the plan is lacking something? Is it because the council doesn't see this deal as being viable? Or is it for some other reason that I am forgetting? We'll find out in another month. Such is the pace of government.

Wizards fans now have another month of waiting and wondering what will come of this situation. At least they know where they are playing next year.... oh wait, they don't know that yet either...

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Maybe the Wizards should hire you to write stuff for them.

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