Friday, March 23, 2012

Turner Called into US U18 Camp

The future certainly appears to be bright at the goalkeeper position for Sporting KC. Not only is KC's current back up, Jon Kempin, only 19 years old, but on the current Juniors team, Sporting KC also has another keeper that is going to spend time with a US youth national team. U18 goalkeeper, Jacole Turner has been invited to a camp with the US U18 team in Carson, CA. The camp is March 25th through April 1st. Turner is one of four goalkeepers named to the roster, 3 of which are based with MLS teams currently.

Turner will be going to Barton County Community College this coming fall, likely hoping to follow a similar path that saw Kevin Ellis earn a first team contract after a few years at the community college.

It'll be interesting to see how Turner develops. KC would be hard pressed to keep two goalkeepers so close in age to each other, so KC could be placed with a decision of keeping Kempin or Turner and having to let the other go. In the mean time it's at least a good thing to even dream about a competition like that for KC's goalkeeper position. Especially since KC has never been known as a team that has developed their own goalkeeper, usually picking up an older veteran to mind the net for the team (latest examples, Tony Meola, Kevin Hartman, and Jimmy Nielsen).

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