Sunday, March 04, 2012

Auvray Returning to KC on Trial (or Not)

The season is less than a week away from kicking off for Sporting KC, but today a new player in on trial popped up on MLS's website in an article regarding the Crew's return from the Carolina Challenge Cup. The last game of the cup was canceled due to in climate weather, so the Crew didn't get a chance to look at some of their trialists. Specifically, they mention Stephane Auvray the former SKC Wizard who spent a season and a half with Sporting KC before being traded to New York late last year. The article mentions that the Crew won't get more of a look at Auvray because he is apparently heading to Kansas City to trial with Sporting.

The thought of Auvray returning to KC is an odd one. It didn't seem like he left under the best circumstances last year, there were rumors flying about perceived lack of playing time for the Guadeloupe international. The question is why we'd be looking to bring in another defensive midfielder. The one question that ran through my head as I read the article, was wondering if the injury to Julio Cesar and Paulo Nagamura was more serious than we've all been led to believe.

Of course, now with all that stated, Robb Heineman on Twitter has seemed to squash that rumor fairly quickly, saying that it's not happening. And I'll trust Robb's word on SKC matters over the Crew's MLS beat writer.

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