Monday, March 05, 2012

Sporting KC Deal with Boulevard but NOT for Jersey Sponsor

Today, Sporting KC announced the partnership that the vast majority of the fan base has wanted since Livestrong Sporting Park opened last year. That partnership, that would see Boulevard beer being served inside the stadium. The announcement brings the most popular local beer into LSP for fans to be able to buy and enjoy during games.

The partnership will bring quite a few cross branding opportunities for both brands. Not only will beer be sold in the stadium, but there's also plans for co-branded schedules, banners, custom glassware, coasters, and other items.

As someone that really enjoys Boulevard beer, I like this, I also like the news that LSP will host launch parties for all of their season beers throughout the season, which will be a lot of fun. And fans in the Cauldron will get a few chances to enjoy Boulevard as well, because not only has Sporting KC announced a partnership with the local company, but so has the Cauldron, announcing that Boulevard will be in a partnership with the supporters as well, teaming up on other merchandise as well.

One thing that this announcement today has brought out is the Boulevard jersey sponsor debate. It's gotten plenty of people asking if this is a sign that Boulevard is going to be the jersey sponsor. Let's just shut that down quickly, there is absolutely nothing in the article that even is close to mentioning a potential jersey sponsorship, NOTHING. A jersey sponsor will come sooner than later, but it's not right now, and it's not with Boulevard. I know people enjoy dreaming about Boulevard being across the front of KC's jerseys, but it's not going to happen.


J said...

Agree - zero chance Boulevard becomes a jersey sponsor. For at least a few reasons:
1) no way MLS (or SKC) approves a beer company as a jersey sponsor. Both MLS and SKC do a lot of marketing to youth soccer, and I just don't see a beer company as a suitable jersey sponsor. For the same reason that there is no "official" licensed beer partner for NCAA, unlike the NFL/Superbowl, NBA, etc.
2) Even if MLS/SKC allowed it, Boulevard would probably not see it as a particularly efficient use of advertising dollars, insofar as Boulevard beer is not easily obtainable in many MLS markets (if obtainable at all).

I could go on, but there's little reason as this is obviously not happening.

Replicant said...

@J "no way MLS (or SKC) approves a beer company as a jersey sponsor."

Corona on Chivas USA's uniforms last year. So it could still theoretically happen, it won't, but thats not a reason thats stopping it. Your second reason however is exactly one of the big reasons why.

Mike said...

Replicant, as you said, Chivas has Corona on their jerseys. As for point 2, other teams have had more local companies on their jerseys, specifically Houston, who both of their jersey sponsors have been local companies.

MrDot said...

Also, Budweiser has appeared on LA Galaxy shirts at various times in the past.

There's no conspiracy or complicated politics to it. The simple reason SKC doesn't have a uniform sponsor is that nobody has agreed to pay the asking price for it.

I really like the clean look of the uniform, and the club is doing fine financially, so I don't really see a pressing need for a sponsor. I'm guessing the management feels the same way.

mouf said...

@ J

Boulevard is sold in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Indiana, Wyoming, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Alaska, Illinois, Colorado, Alabama, Idaho, Minnesota, Utah, and Texas.

it would make some sense

but as MrDot says, its just a matter of an agreement

*shrug* whatever