Monday, March 26, 2012

Diop Waived

The infectious smile is now gone from the locker room. Today, Sporting KC announced that they have waived midfielder, Birahim Diop. Diop hadn't been in camp at all this year, instead had been away from the team for personal reasons. The random speculation was that Diop was angling to try to go down to Colombia and join Octavio Zambrano, who Diop has followed around for quite a bit of his club career. In the 2010 season, Diop was pushed into an emergency forward role against the New England Revolution and responded with 2 goals in the game that became known as "The Diop Game". And like all good movies, there was a sequel. The sequel, the "Return of the Diop Game" or "The Diop Game Part Deux" saw Diop score a hattrick against San Jose to close out the season for KC. Last year, Diop saw his minutes reduced quite a bit and was moved back to the midfield.

Enjoy remembering the Diop games one last time below.

The original

Part Deux

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MOUF said...

The clubs first and only cult legend.