Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heineman Confirms Livestrong Sporting Park Bid to Host 2013 Gold Cup

During half time of tonight's game between KC and Rockhurst, I was looking around Twitter and found this article regarding the 2013 Gold Cup. Apparently, hosting the Gold Cup has become a fairly popular endeavor for cities to fill some dates. Today 30 perspective stadium sites started the process of bidding to host the 2013 event in the US.

After finishing looking at the article I ended up seeing Robb Heineman standing near by. I asked if Sporting KC/Sporting Club/Livestrong Sporting Park would be entering the bidding. Heineman answered me in the affirmative that they were definitely in the process of bidding to host 2013 Gold Cup games again at Livestrong.

As a whole this shouldn't be surprising. It would probably be more surprising if they were not bidding on the process. But wanted to confirm that LSP is in the bid process to once again host Gold Cup games.

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