Saturday, March 10, 2012

To the Players of Sporting KC

Fair warning, this post is 100% with my fan boy hat on, it's fairly corny as well. No impartiality here, 100% homer for Sporting KC. You have been warned.

To the players of Sporting KC,

Here we are at the start of the 2012 season. Here is your opportunity to finish what you started last year. To take that next step, to, as Robb has put it, "paint the wall."

I have a message for you as a fan of this team for 17 years, and I'm sure this sentiment is shared by many, if not all fans, the old ones that have been here forever, and the new ones who have only started to come out to games.

You are the legends of the present and the future. You are the players that fans will talk about for years in conversations at tailgates, watch parties, and casual conversations. We'll share the stories of your success with those that weren't there, enjoying the reminiscing of the moments that are about to happen this year. We want to sing your praises, we want to brag about what happens this year, and that we were there to see it when it happened. Make it happen, give us reasons to cheer your names, to heap praises upon you. You lift us up and we will be right there to do the same to you. To lift you up, to fill you with pride to play in this team's colors.

To take some creative license with a quote from the movie Troy, "Do you know what's waiting for you this season? Immortality! Take it! It's yours!"


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KrisColvin said...

Love love love. Not corny at all. Moving. :-)