Thursday, January 12, 2012

With 30th Pick KC Select

With the 30th pick, KC selected defender, Cyprian Hedrick. Hedrick is a 6 foot center back from Costal Carolina University. Like Dom Dwyer, he is a junior college transfer to CCU. He is the CB depth that I thought we needed.


hartley said...

I watched some video of this guy. I seriously thought I was watching old video of Cesar. The movement, the footskills, the tackles, the ability to make the long pass, and the really impressive habit of not dwelling on the ball. PV may have left the room stunned with his picks in this draft, but that's nothing new. And his philosophy is starting to make sense now and for the long term.

Chad said...

If it's the youtube video (below), I drew the same connection and agree. Hopefully he pans out.