Monday, January 23, 2012

LIVESTRONG Missing Out on All Star Game

Rumors are running around tonight that LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will not be hosting MLS' all star game this year. Word out of Philadelphia is that the Union will be hosting the All Star game, at PPL Park. The game should be confirmed tomorrow in a press conference that Don Garber will be attending. It would be disappointing for the game not to be at LIVESTRONG, but sooner than later KC is going to be hosting the event.


Braincloud said...

I may be wrong, but I thought I heard Robb H. say last year that they didn't want the game in 2012 because it could get lost in the hoopla of the MLB game at The K. He said they were targeting 2013. Did anyone else hear that?

hartley said...

It's okay. I really think the league ought to chuch the All Star Game and help make the U.S. Open Cup the big deal it should be -- get U.S. Open Cup matches on free TV, in MLS stadiums, etc. Our Open Cup should emulate the FA Cup.

hartley said...

Ooppps. I meant to type "chuck" -- as in get rid of, throw away, etc.