Saturday, January 28, 2012

Three Trialists Heading to Arizona

Three of Sporting KC's trialists are heading to Arizona with the Sporting KC team. Goalkeepers Steve Spangler and Scott Angevine will be joined by former Michigan State midfielder, Cyrus Saydee in Arizona. The team departs tomorrow.

Sadly for Irving Garcia, Matt Kuhn, Myron Samuel, and Kevin Struck the attempts to make the Sporting KC roster end after a few days.

It's interesting that KC is taking two goalkeepers with them to Arizona as trialists. With Jimmy Nielsen signing a new contract in the offseason, and Jon Kempin being an off-budget home-grown player, Spangler and Angevine are battling for a roster spot against Eric Kronberg. In reality I see that as an extremely difficult uphill battle for both of them to make this roster.

Saydee is the third trialist making the trip, he's still fairly young, but like Spangler and Angevine, he still has a big uphill challenge to make the roster.

No mention has been made of the teams draft picks yet, so one would assume that they are all headed down to Arizona. No mention was made of Shawn Singh or Pablo Punyed who were both not at training today. So we'll see what's going on soon enough.


Anonymous said...

This makes me wonder if they are preparing to trade Kronberg. KC fans know he is good enough to be starting somewhere in MLS. perhaps he put in a trade demand, or SKC knows that with Kempin improving rapidly now might be the best time to get value for Kronberg in a trade. I just don't see any other reason to look at trailist keepers right now.

soccerpaep said...

Anonymous beat me to it. Has to be trade bait. May not be Kronberg, could just be the fact that GKs are a premium in this league (NYRB and others last season) and PV always seems to have the pulse on what other teams will need/want. If you've got a reserve level keeper in the bag you have something to work with.