Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No DP Likely This Window

Late last night, once again Robb Heineman brought us news via Twitter. This time pertaining to the potential designated player that KC was looking to sign. And that news doesn't appear to be good news. Heineman says that "unless something dramatic happens in the next two days, we will not be announcing a DP in this window."

It all seems pretty cut and dry right there, KC's plans for bringing in a DP seem to have fallen through. It's not incredibly surprising based on an earlier tweet where Heineman was commiserating an injury in Spain. The assumption is that the injury was to the Spanish DP that KC had on their radar and were looking to sign.

It's certainly a blow to fans, who had been anticipating this big move for much of the offseason, but unfortunately now KC has to go in another direction. I'm sure that Peter Vermes had plans to build the team in place that did not include the DP, but it's still a blow to the team, because it's fairly hard to replace a DP level talent. But then again there are no guarantees that the DP would have fit into the league, that he would produce on the level you expect from a designated player. It's still a blow though to the team's development of the roster heading into this season. The roster though right now looks pretty good as a whole, one or two depth moves right now and the team should be in good shape. And if things don't turn out well, KC could still be working towards a summer transfer window move.


MOUF said...

I would like to see the team spend the money, regardless if it works out or not, it cant work if the possibilty isnt there.

I wonder if the jersey sponser that was "a few weeks away" last year was also injuried in a training session? :)

Truth: Last season went very well, while our squad is stronger and I like our chances, we need to remember that it will take some luck to have that success this season. This stuff isnt easy.

Kevin said...

I have no problem with this. I would not like us to spend money on someone that will not help the team. Not taking anything away from Bravo or Davy for that matter because they helped us get in the playoffs. However they were both out for part of the season and really had no impact in the playoffs. The young team that will be starting the season is virtually the same team that was one game away from playing for the cup with another years experience.

I have no problem waiting until the summer transfer window and fill a need with a DP if one comes up.

Ryan said...

This is definitely some bummer news. I understand that a lot of people feel good about the team and they should. I would agree with MOUF that the team should spend the money. It's good for the team and it's good for the league to bring in someone with the DP tag. That person is going to give a small town team like ours more looks and be a possible leader on the pitch. Bravo and Davy not helping in the playoffs says nothing about them helping all season. They are both leaders so I can't really agree with Kevin here.

My fear is that the team is too young. We need leadership and experience on the pitch. I'm glad we have Cesar to help with some of that.

Hopefully something exciting like a jersey sponsor before the season starts will pull us out of this bummer.

We need some big news. I don't believe Peterson is that news..

Ryan said...

Sorry Kevin i just reread what you put there. Thats what i get commenting from work. Nevermind on that point.

Anonymous said...

With SKC so close to championship calliber this season I would almost prefer not to have to distraction of trying to break in a new DP. Jefferson backfired on us by being a distraction toward the end of the year last year. Bravo was good and helped put people in the seats with his name recognition, but I think his goal total overstates his impact. I think we can win a title without a DP.