Sunday, January 08, 2012

Comets Win Turnpike Trophy

The Missouri Comets wrapped up the Turnpike Trophy last night in Wichita taking out the Wings 13-10 to take the season series with a game remaining. KC now has 4 wins to Wichita's 1. Missouri opened the game quickly, as Brian Harris blasted a 3 point goal only 2 minutes into the game to give the Comets the lead. The Comets continued to push the game in the first quarter, but Harris' goal was the only goal in the quarter.

Into the second quarter, the two teams traded goals back and forth, but the 3 pointer from Harris remained the difference. Tijani Ayegbusi opened the scoring in the second quarter under 3 minutes in, cutting the lead to 3-2. The Comets restored their 3 point lead through Neto off an assist from Vahid Assadpour. Only about 30 seconds later, Frederico Moojen had the lead back to 1, 5-4. With less than 5 minutes left in the quarter, Byron Alvarez made it 7-4. Once again though, the Comets couldn't hold the lead for a long period of time as only 20 seconds later the Comets were only up by 1, as Alargie Jobe finished an opportunity.

In the second half, the Comets tried to hold onto their 1 point lead, but with under5 minutes left, Moojen got his second of the game. to give the Wings the lead 8-7.

It didn't take long in the fourth quarter for the Comets to jump back in front, just over 30 seconds into the half, Geison got a goal to put the Comets back on top. Just over half way through the half, the Wings once again jumped back in front as once again Moojen struck to make it 10-9 and complete his hattrick. The Comets pushed the game trying to find another goal to put them back on top. Finally with under 5 minutes left, Tiguinho found net putting the Comets back on top 11-10. As the game was winding down, the physicality continued and Jamar Beasley picked up a blue card, and before that penalty expired the Wings picked up another blue card to Edvin Worley that made it 5 on 3. The second penalty meant that MO would end the game on the power play. Before the first penalty expired, Geison fired in a shot that made it 13-10. With Missouri still on the power play though, it was hard for the Wings to get the 6th attacker out there and only finally did for the last few seconds when the Wings had a restart. The Comets though held off the opportunity and left Wichita with the trophy.

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