Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Pricing for Olympic Qualifiers Out

US Supporter's Section tickets went on sale right before Christmas, now today, Sporting KC announced the rest of the pricing structure for the tournament at LIVESTRONG Sporting KC. There are 3 levels of ticket buying, you can buy the series, single game advanced, and at the gate. The pricing is also pretty competitive, good pricing, anywhere from $28 a game to $220 a game. There are a few interesting aspects to the pricing though. There is one section around 3/4ths of the stadium for front row access in each section except on the West side of the stadium. The series tickets look to be especially great value, getting you in to both matches on Saturday and the final Monday will cost you $56 in the Member's Stand. Not bad for 3 games of soccer. The other interesting aspect is that the member's club has been divided some more on the East side of the stadium. The sections match up with the section in the group above members stand in the stadium. It's interesting the way that CONCACAF has Sporting laying out the stadium for the games. Tickets go on sale to season ticket holders on the 9th, they go on sale to the general public two days later.

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Howie said...

Any idea how they will handle different fan bases? It's only a U-23 tournament, so I wouldn't expect a huge turnout, but at the same time I would expect some Mexican and Honduran fans. Gold Cup, there were a few Panamanians and a few more Canadians so it wasn't an issue.