Monday, January 16, 2012

Busy Week for SKC

It's going to be a busy week for KC in the last week of the offseason. There's plenty of information that looks like it will be coming out this week. Let's take a look real quick chronologically.

Tomorrow, as I posted earlier today is the Supplemental Draft. KC will possibly add 5 more players that would be coming into preseason this year.

Some time this week it sounds like we will be getting more announcements as well. Last week Robb Heineman Tweeted that the team was working on 3 contracts, 1 new player and 2 renewals. Those signings were not announced last week obviously, and when questioned on when we'd possibly see those signings announced, Heineman announced that they'd "probably 2-3 announcements next week." There's plenty of speculation that not only KC, but other MLS teams will be making player announcements tomorrow, so it's possible that KC could be one of those teams, making some announcement tomorrow. Either way, I'd probably expect the announcements to be made on Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

The reason for that is because on Thursday preseason for Sporting KC officially get under way. Players will have their entry physicals on that date. Most players seem to already be in town, and those that aren't should be in town probably tomorrow. After the physicals on Thursday, the team will get down to business on Friday with their first training session. And you can bet that one of the things that is likely to occur on the first day of training is the dreaded beep test. Along with all the players and draft picks I'm sure we're going to see trialists 1 through 52 in camp. Although maybe not all at the same time.

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