Monday, January 16, 2012

Supplemental Draft Tomorrow

The second MLS draft is coming up tomorrow, the Supplemental Draft is going to take place via conference call. Sporting KC hold 5 picks in the 4 round draft. KC have the 16th, 35th, 43rd, 54th, and 73rd picks in the draft tomorrow. KC currently has 27 players on their roster, although some players will still have to earn contracts, particularly Cyprian Hedrick who has not signed a contract as yet with the team. So let's take Hedrick out of the conversation right now. If KC waives no one between now and the start of the season, there are 4 open roster spots as of this time. There's already 1 known player trying to make the roster (Hedrick), and 5 more could be joining the team come Thursday, and that's not even counting the other players coming in. And it's also not counting the likely signing of Michael Thomas.

There's some talent still out there for selection including guys like D-mids, Andy Rose and Kirk Urso, and winger/forward, Evans Frimpong. And for selfish reasons, my brother Matt Kuhn, a midfielder from Drake is also available. It'll be interesting to see who Sporting select with the picks. For historical reasons I'm reposting a portion of a post I previously did on the history around KC's picks. Here's a look at those picks for KC that would fall into the Supplemental Draft this year:

2000 - Brian Waltrip - Tampa
2001 - Shaun Tsakiris - New England
2002 - Jeremy Piette - Dallas
2003 - Ryan Futagaki - Chicago
2004 - Edwin Miranda - Dallas
2005 - Jason Hernandez - New York
2006 - Christopher Joyce - Dallas
2007 - Desmond Brooks - Chivas
2008 - Austin Washington - Chicago
2009 - Raphael Cox - Salt Lake
2010 - Dane Saintus - Dallas
2011 - Alan Koger - New England

Jason Hernandez is about the only consistent MLS player on this list, he's played almost 150 league games for New York, Chivas, and San Jose. Every other player at this pick has had little more than a few token appearances in league play.

2005 - Noah Palmer - Salt Lake
2006 - Lawson Vaughn - Chivas
2007 - Osei Telesford - Chicago
2008 - Tino Nuñez - Salt Lake
2009 - Joe Anderson - Vancouver

All but Anderson have made some league appearances for their club, Lawson Vaughn is probably the most well known of the 5 previous players drafted at this spot, making about 50 combined appearances with Chivas and DC.

2005 - Easton Wilson - New England
2006 - Keith Cauldwell - Colorado
2007 - Chris Konopka - Kansas City
2008 - Vicente Arze - Kansas City
2011 - Yannick Salmon - Chicago

None of these players made much of any appearances, Konopka's first league appearance came this past year as a league keeper playing for New York. Overall Vicente Arze's probably been the best talent at this pick and all his success has been outside MLS with Vancouver in the USL, Bolivia, and Hungary.

2005 - Chris Lee - Columbus
2006 - PASS - Houston
2007 - Tyler Hemming - Toronto
2008 - Ben Shuleva - Dallas
2011 - Taylor Mueller - Portland

Hemming made a handful of appearances for Toronto in their first few years in the league. He's also bounced around the lower leagues. Not much at all at this pick, evident by the fact that Houston passed on this pick in 2006.

2008 - PASS - New England

The only other time there's been a 111th pick in the drafts was in 2008 and the Revolution passed on that pick. So very good chances this player doesn't make the team, if KC even uses this pick. They could pass like New England.

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