Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sporting KC Select Two in SuperDraft

Today at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, Sporting KC added two new players to their roster ahead of the start of preseason next week. Not needing to draft a specific player that would be required to come in and fill a need, KC was able to look a few different directions with their pick at number 16 and even at pick number 30. There were a few positions that could use some depth. KC seemed to address their depth needs with the two picks.

With the 16th overall draft, KC appeared to get a very good steal that late in the draft. KC was able to grab 21 year old, Generation Adidas forward, Dom Dwyer from South Florida. Dwyer was a late signing to this year's Generation Adidas class, signing only a few days before the combine actually started. The Englishmen scored 16 goals in 20 appearances in his junior year at South Florida. the 5'9" forward has the strength to play with his back to goal, but would seem more destined to play a bit more wide in KC's system. But could see himself playing centrally as well, as Peter Vermes likes to have his forwards rotate positioning.

Some people are asking why Vermes went with a forward in the first round for the 3rd straight year, when KC could look to fill other spots on their roster. With Dwyer added to the forward line with Teal Bunbury, CJ Sapong, Soony Saad, Kei Kamara, possibly Bobby Convey and Birahim Diop, and any other potential signings, and the forward line is getting pretty crowded. But there are a few reasons why the Dwyer pick makes sense for KC. First, Dwyer is going to be cap exempt, he's not going to count against KC's senior roster and his salary isn't going to count against the cap either. Second, with Bunbury is likely to miss time this summer with the US Olympic team in London and Sapong on the USMNT radar now, there's the possibility of one or both being gone at any one time. Without one of them, you're depth is wearing thing. Remember KC plays with 3 forwards, if one is gone, or injured, your forward depth goes down pretty quickly, so having another forward isn't a bad thing. As has been said a few times about the 4-3-3, you can never have too many forwards.

The other worry in regards to Dwyer was his international status. The question was whether he was going to take up a precious international spot on KC's roster. Currently KC is utilizing 6 of their 7 international spots after trading one to San Jose in the Bobby Convey trade. Dwyer IS going to take up an international spot. What that means is that KC is at this time utilizing all 7 of their available international spots. Korede Aiyegbusi, Julio Cesar, Aurelien Collin, Daneil Cyrus, Peterson Joseph, and Jimmy Nielsen are the other 6. This, though, shouldn't bother you as much when it comes to the potential DP signing. A few of these guys are closing in on green cards. Particularly Aiyegbusi and Nielsen should be close to getting their GC's. Aiyegbusi in particular should really be trying to get his green card, if he doesn't then he would seem a prime candidate to be on his way out.

In the second round, KC grabbed a player that will hopefully fill the depth at center back need. KC grabbed Costal Carolina defender, Cyprian Hedrick. Hedrick was listed as a midfielder when in college, but Vermes sees him as more of a center back at the professional level. Hedrick hadn't been invited to the MLS combine, but does seem to fit some of the things that Vermes likes in a defender, having the ability to control and pass the ball well. The below video shows some of those things. The other things that some fans have said in regards to the video is that Hedrick reminds some people of Julio Cesar's composure and poise on the ball. He's a fairly unknown for most people and like a few of Vermes' previous draft picks. At this point for me, he's earned the benefit of doubt of with a few of his picks when he's been able to do fairly well in the draft.


The Footy Chronicles said...

Really impressed with our 2nd round pick. Seems like he's very smooth and calm with the ball. Under the radar most likely because of his small college (like Sapong).

Christian Sinclair said...

I agree Isaac. Hedrick seems like a pretty good player. It would be interesting to hear more about how PV and Co heard about him and picked him up since he apparently was not on anyone's radar.