Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sporting Announce Peterson Signing

Yesterday's rumors about KC announcing the signing of Jacob Peterson turned from rumor to fact today as Sporting KC announced the signing of the 6 year MLS veteran. Peterson had been without a team since he was allowed to entry the re-entry draft by the San Jose Earthquakes. Peterson becomes the third player with a fairly long MLS career to join Kansas City this offseason, joining Bobby Convey and Paulo Nagamura. Of the 3, this really is the most underwhelming. Peterson in his 6th season has played just around 130 or so league games. In that time he's tended to play either as a wide forward or as a wide midfielder. During his career, he's scored 9 league goals. Four of those came in his rookie year, so in the last 5 he's averaged a goal a year. That's not the type of production you want from a guy you expect to spend time as a forward.

The big worry about the Indiana University product, is how much he is getting paid by KC. Last year, Peterson made $142,000 last year while splitting time with Toronto and San Jose. As I said last night this is going to be a deal breaker for me. Really Peterson hasn't done enough in this league to really strike me as a player that deserves the salary he's earning. I would hope that Peterson's new salary is somewhere between $42,000 and the $51,000 that Luke Sassano made this year. Anything more and I'm going to feel we over paid greatly for him and he'll have a lot more to prove that he's worth it.


Sam said...

amigo. I agree with you on all points. Peterson I assume will be depth and depth alone. I wouldn't mind if he never saw the pitch.

That being said, I have two nits to pick. Nagamura's first name is Paolo- not Pablo. "Of the 3, this really is the most underwhelming of the 3" Read it again. Of these two mistakes, the second one really is the most egregious of these two mistakes.


Perhaps I'm being too much of a perfectionist. But it's painful to read.

Anonymous said...

Sam, I agree with you on all points. That being said, by nitpicking his grammar and spelling, you are being a dick. It is painful to read.

still sam said...

i am completely aware of the dickish quality I display by nitpicking. but sometimes the world needs dicks.

Anonymous said...

You should have capitalized the first letters of the first words in those two sentences. Does the world also need hypocrites?

Lowercase Sam said...

Yes it does. Good observation.