Friday, June 08, 2007

Wizards Bringing in a New Forward?

The Wizards are gonna be without leading scorer Eddie Johnson for at least the next 2, probably the next 3 matches, as he's on national team duty for the Gold Cup. There's also a chance he could get called up to also compete in Copa America that starts right after the Gold Cup ends. With that in mind, the Wizards are looking to find a way to cope with his absence.

With that said, this article was on MLSnet today. In it you get the typical pumping up of the other strikers on the roster, Coach Onalfo says that Scott Sealy, Ryan Pore, and Yura Movsisyan are all gonna have to step up now.

The interesting part of the article is after that, where Onalfo says this; "I don't know the exact dates, but we are looking at a player from Argentina. We have established a real network of people we have worked with in Argentina, and there is a player that we liked when we were there in preseason. We want to see how he does with our guys, see if it's a good fit for him, and a good fit for us. We're always looking to enhance our team."

So the Wizards are looking at another striker to come in. This one from Argentina. This is along with the trial coming up for Idan Shriki, which was pushed back due to visa issues.

I like either or both of these moves, it shows that while the Wizards are in first place, Onalfo is not completely satisfied with his team and is still willing to make changes. With Johnson's play so far this season, European teams are sure to come calling, inquiring about the striker. So getting another striker in can definitely not hurt the team.

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