Saturday, June 09, 2007

US Advances in Gold Cup

The US clinched their advancement into the Gold Cup quarterfinals with a game to play, after their 2-0 win today over Trinidad and Tabago. Both Brian Ching and Eddie Johnson found net for the US.

Unfortunately, due to family stuff, I was in St. Louis today, and was unable to find a bar or restaurant around the area that had FSC or Telefutura so that I could watch the game. So I have no other opinions on the game. From what I heard though, it was a rather uninspiring performance again from the US. Although they were not given any help from the referees. From what I've been told, the Cuban referee blew 3-4 offsides calls that were not offsides.

The one main thing I do know, is that Johnson suffered a knee injury in the second half and had to come off. According to the article, it's a mild knee sprain. So I'd likely expect him to miss the next game, but have a chance of playing in the knockout round. While it's a little worrisome, I'm not overly worried just quite yet about his return to the Wizards.

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