Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Wizards-Atlas Partnership about to Show Results?

Thanks to a tip on bigsoccer.com in the Wizards forum about Atlas player, Daniel Osorno, it looks like the Wizards may soon reap the benefits of their new partnership with Mexican club Atlas. Thanks to that tip, I found this article on Mundo Hispano. From a weak attempt at a translation, it looks like he had a fall out with one of the coaches at Atlas, and due to that fall out, he does not want to play for the club again. Atlas apparently couldn't reach a deal to send him to any other Mexican First Division Club So with Atlas' recent partnership with the Wizards, the prospects of him coming to Kansas City became an option.

The 28 year old Osorno has played for Atlas his entire career, except for a loan spell at Monterey. According to his wikipedia page, he's played 228 games at Atlas scoring 44 goals. He also has 73 caps and 12 goals for the Mexican national team, as well as being on the 2005 Mexican Gold Cup team. After looking on youtube.com, I found that apparently Osorno has an active social life, running a club called "Danny Boy" as well as DJing and playing in a band.

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