Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh Yeah it's a Hot One

Kansas City wilted in the Sunday afternoon heat, losing to the Houston Dynamo 1-0 at Arrowhead stadium. The loss, the Wizards second in a row, was again due to a lack of offensive punch. The Wizards rarely seriously threatened Pat Onstad in the Houston goal. The best chance came in the first half, when a misjudged long ball fell to Scott Sealy, who's shot went just wide of the far post. Houston scored on a corner kick in the 81st minute, Patrick Ianni was the scorer. This game was definitely not a show case game for the league, as the 90 degree weather at Arrowhead sucked most of the excitement out of both teams very early in the game. By the later stages, both teams just looked to be going through the motions on the field.

The shutout was the first time the Wizards have been shutout this season, the last team in MLS to be shutout. Overall though, this result is continued to trouble for the Wizards. While they've been near the top of the East, the Wizards only have 2 wins in the last 7, and have not won in the last 3. Their streak of not scoring the first goal continues as well, it's reached 7 games.

3 Stars of the Game
1. Patrick Ianni - Houston - Scored his first MLS goal, and helped to anchor the Houston defense that shutout the Wizards for the first time this season.
2. Sasha Victorine - KC - Was into the game all day, receiving passes all over the field and distrbuting.
3. Carlos Marinelli - KC - Continues to be impressive on the ball, but needs to help create more chances. He can have all the skill in the world, but if he just does it around midfield, it doesn't help put points on the board.


bfos said...

You can't still be supporting Sealy over Yura can you?

Unknown said...

Other then his 2 goals in New York he hasn't done anything to prove he's better then Sealy. That said, the rust on Sealy is so bad right now, I think Yura needs to play.

bfos said...

Considering a stump in the field would be more productive than Sealy, I think it may be safe to say Yura is the better option. ;)