Monday, June 04, 2007

Matches Played for the Wizards

I'm continuing to use the Wizards media guide to my full advantage this year. What I got this time, is the Wizards all time league appearances list. Saturday against the Red Bulls, Kerry Zavagnin became only the 4th Wizards player to play 200 games for the Wizards, Preki, Nick Garcia, and Chris Klein are the other 3. Also this Saturday, Jose Burciaga Jr. played in his 100 game for the Wizards, the 16th Wizard to accomplish that. Here is the list of players who have played at least 100 games for the Wizards.

Preki - 218
Nick Garcia - 204
Kerry Zavagnin - 200
Chris Klein - 200
Mo Johnston - 149
Matt McKeon - 144
Tony Meola - 125
Davy Arnaud - 123
Chris Brown - 123
Diego Gutierrez - 119
Uche Okafor - 119
Francisco Gomez - 114
Sean Bowers - 111
Jimmy Conrad - 106
Digital Takawira - 103
Jose Burciaga Jr. - 100

The next closest current Wizard, is Jack Jewsbury with 90 appearances. Of those 16 players, 12 of them have started over 100.

Nick Garcia - 204
Preki - 199
Kerry Zavagnin - 195
Chris Klein - 183
Mo Johnston - 142
Matt McKeon - 126
Tony Meola - 125
Diego Gutierrez - 108
Uche Okafor - 107
Jimmy Conrad - 105
Davy Arnaud - 104
Sean Bowers - 104

Other News
So I had a message put on one of my older blog entries, asking what is going on with Bo Oshoniyi, is he retired, is he waiting for a team to pick him up, what? Today I was able to get a little bit of information, according to my friend he is still living in Kansas City but is looking to move to Florida. He wasn't sure exactly what Bo was doing though.

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Matty said...

Excellent, thanks for the update. Maybe he wants to buy my house! I just moved from Florida. LOL. I wish him the best of luck. Great guy.