Friday, June 29, 2007

Quaranta NOT to KC?

The KC Star may have spoken too soon when they reported on Monday that Santino Quaranta would be heading to KC for a draft pick. Today news came out from Ives Galarcep's blog, Soccer By Ives, that Santino will be joining Red Bull New York, not the Wizards, for a conditional fourth round pick.

I trust Ives on Red Bull news more then I trust the Star on Wizards news, so this holds a little more water in my mind than the Star report.

What happened with the Wizards deal? My best guess is that Eloy Colombano has impressed enough in his trial to get KC to look more at him to help their offense then Quaranta, who was reported to have shown up for LA preseason out of shape. Will be interesting to see where this goes now. According to Ives, Quaranta is joining New York for their game against the Crew tomorrow, so we'll see if MLS actually reports the trade.

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