Monday, June 25, 2007

Quaranta to KC a Done Deal (KC Star Report)

I've been sitting on this story all day, waiting for an official word, but since it's almost 5:30 local time, I kind of doubt something will be announced tonight. Anyways, according to Bob Luder with the KC Star, he's confirming that the story that I wrote about last week. Apparently Santino Quaranta will now be on his way to KC for a draft pick. According to the Star article the deal was suppose to be announced today, but has not as yet.

Depending on what draft pick KC is giving up, this could be a good deal for KC. While Quaranta has not lived up to expectations when he joined the league at 16, he has a good relationship with Eddie Johnson, and a reuniting of the duo could lead both to new heights. Although according to LA fans, he's put on some weight and came into preseason out of shape. Quaranta has 11 caps with the US Men's National Team, the last of which came on 2/19 against Guatemala in Dallas, although he is still listed on the national team player pool.

Do the Wizards have to give up a draft kick to get Quaranta if they really want him though? Steven Goff, a few days after he originally broke the story, he posted this about the possible Quaranta move.
*MLS gossip: L.A. continues to shop Santino Quaranta, but if the club is unable to reach a deal in the next few days, it could end up waiving him before July 1, the day all contracts are guaranteed for the season. If Quaranta were waived, he would be available to the rest of the league.
Could the Wizards just wait until July 1 and see if the Galaxy waive Quaranta and then pick him up? Do the Wizards want Quaranta that bad? We'll find out in the next few days, if the Wizards make this deal.

Other News
In other news, I was informed today that Eloy Colombano, the Defense and Justice forward who Robb Heineman mentioned last week around the time the Quaranta deal broke, was at the Wizards game on Sunday afternoon. Colombano apparently watched the game with Wizards Technical Director Peter Vermes.

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