Saturday, June 09, 2007

Ballot Stuffing

I really didn't want to write this but I just find the topic too funny to avoid. For those of you that don't read MLS Underground, the author of the blog recently posted about Toronto FC fans stuffing the ballot for the upcoming all star game giving votes to all their players.

While I completely disagree with most of the posters from Toronto trying to justify their voting for their players, (The funniest being the guy that said that Maurice Edu was by far the best rookie in the league. In my book he's a distant third behind both Dane Richards and Michael Harrington this season.) they're entitled to their opinion, as misguided as many people may think it is. If you don't like it, then feel free to stuff the ballot for your own team. If TFC fans think this shows their "superior" support for their team, or if they think they're players truely are deserving of being on the all-star team, that's their call.

It's funny how much this is like the situation a few years ago with Real Salt Lake, they came in the same way TFC did, bragging about how they were gonna make the playoffs and take the league by storm. They both had good home support for their matches, and both sets of fans ballot stuffed to no end for any of their teams goals of the week.

Besides, the fan voting is only 25% of the total vote, the majority of TFC's players won't get many votes from the other categories. If you don't like the ballot stuffing they're doing, either get over it, or start doing it yourself.

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