Monday, June 18, 2007

Down the Byline on Internet Radio

I will be the Wizards' fan representative on the internet radio show, Around the League in 90 Minutes tomorrow at noon. You can listen to the show on this site, by clicking on your media player of choice under the How to Listen section on the main page. The show has a fan from each of the league's 13 teams that come on and discuss the latest match, and upcoming match for their club. I will be discussing last weekends game in New York, as well as the upcoming games against both Columbus and Houston. It looks like I will be likely coming on some time in the second half of the show, after discussion of the DC-Chicago game this past weekend, and after the New York fan gets to have his say on the game. The show will actually be 2 hours this week, instead of the 60 minutes it had been in the past. The first and last 15 minutes of the show will be for discussion between the hosts. It's a good show, and gets some good perspective on the league and the games from a fan perspective, you can listen to some of the past shows in the archive section of the site.


The show just finished up. An enjoyable first time being on the show, the show is now archived on The 2 G's website, in the archived section of the site for you to listen to.

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