Monday, June 18, 2007

Jimmy the Joker

Ask almost any Wizards or US Men's National team fan who the funniest player is, and they'll likely tell you Wizards defender, Jimmy Conrad. Jimmy's done articles on and now for a few years now, as well as doing his radio show on and 97.3FM here in the KC area. He's added another gem to his comedic genius on the US National team's blog.

Let me set the stage. Saturday the 16th, the blog posted a question from a fan Lindsey that took the writers by surprise.
Kudos to the boys for last night's win. More importantly, I was wondering if you could shed some light on the matter of Taylor Twellman's jersey. That [thing] was tight! And by tight, I don't mean cool. It was nipple city out there for Mr. Twellman. I looked at the other players, including those with muscular physiques such as Gooch, and sure, his sleeves were tight on his arms, but nowhere near the second skin look modeled by Twellman. Did they run out of jerseys or something, and Twellman had to wear a Youth Large from the gift shop?
Then today's entry came out, and since reading that, I haven't stopped laughing. I'm just gonna repost the entire entry and let people bask in the humor that is Jimmy Conrad

Sources have revealed to that the now infamous fan e-mail questioning the size and fit of Taylor Twellman's game jersey was secretly written and submitted by U.S. national team defender Jimmy Conrad. The item, which appeared in an earlier blog entry on the website suggested that Taylor was wearing a "Youth Large" and was purposefully trying to show off his body. The crafty defender authored the controversial e-mail under the pen name Lyndsey. Documents reveal that Jimmy's beautiful wife is named Lyndsey, and hails from California. When told of Conrad's deception, Twellman simply smiled and replied "It's on." Attempts to reach Mr. Conrad were never made.
Jimmy's made jokes about Twellman and his tight jersey, shorts, and big head before, but this is a whole new level of humor for Jimmy. Hats off to Mr. Conrad.

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