Saturday, October 26, 2013

What We Want to Happen Today 10/26

The final weekend of the MLS regular season kicks off with Sporting taking the field against Philadelphia. The weekend continues through 8pm tomorrow when LA and Seattle take the field. Wouldn't it be great if all these games took place at the same time? Having KC-Philadelphia, Chicago-New York, and Portland-Chivas all kicking off on the same time would certainly add to potential excitment when it comes to the Supporters' Shield. Instead all three games are played at different times. I understand with TV contracts and all the teams not controlling their venue that this is impossible right now, but a guy can dream.

Until that date, here's the what we want to happen for today.

Montreal at Toronto
What we want to happen - Montreal win

This is two fold. One if KC doesn't end up in first place in the East, there's only one team I'd rather play than Montreal right now, and that's New England because I feel KC match up better with those two teams. The other reason is that it helps to keep Houston, a team that I'm tired of facing in the playoffs, out.

Dallas at San Jose
What we want to happen - Result doesn't matter for KC.

Dallas is eliminated, and San Jose needs to score 12 AND Colorado has to lose for them to make the playoffs.

Portland at Chivas
What we want to happen - Chivas win

A win by Chivas keeps Portland from being able to catch KC on points no matter how KC does against Philadelphia. This again all comes down to potential MLS Cup opponents and hosting should KC make it there.

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