Sunday, October 27, 2013

What We Want to Happen 10/27

Sporting KC took care of their side of business yesterday, pulling off a late 2-1 win over the Philadelphia Union. Now Kansas City comes into the final day of the season with a chance to win the Supporters' Shield. Here's what we want to happen today on the final day of the regular season.

Houston at DC
What we want to happen - DC win

A DC win and the Dynamo are eliminated from playoff contention. And I think most KC fans would be perfectly happy with not seeing Houston in the playoffs this year.

New England at Columbus
What we want to happen - New England win

We want New England to win because it keeps the pressure on Chicago. It would put the Fire into the 5 seed for the play in game on the road.

Chicago at New York
What we want to happen - Chicago win/draw

This is the big one. If Chicago can take some points off of the Red Bulls today, Sporting KC walks away with the Supporters' Shield.

Colorado at Vancouver
What we want to happen - Result does not matter.

The result has no affect on KC.

LA at Seattle
What we want to happen - LA win

Really there's not a lot in this for KC, but the loser of this game plays the play in game against the Rapids. And personally the thought of a potential Portland-Seattle match up in the playoffs is kind of exciting.

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