Saturday, October 19, 2013

What We Want to Happen 10/19

Every MLS game today has playoff implications for at least one of the teams. It's a weekend that could turn crazy all around the league. Not all the games have a direct effect on KC, but they're ones to watch for.

Philadelphia at Montreal
What we want to happen - Montreal win

Really this result doesn't mean a whole lot to KC, unless you really want to avoid one team over the other potentially in the playoffs. I say root for a Montreal win cause a win, combined with other results would see Philadelphia eliminated this weekend from playoff contention. The Union are already behind because they have one less win than Montreal and Chicago who they are tied on points with. A loss to Montreal combined with wins by Chicago and Houston would make next week's game against KC meaningless for the Union and leave a possibility of a weaker lineup as the Union would see if some guys are worth keeping.

Seattle at Dallas
What we want to happen - Dallas win or draw

A win by Dallas or a draw would make it so Seattle cannot catch KC in the standings. Again it's not just the Supporters' Shield, but also potential MLS Cup hosting that you want to look at.

Vancouver at Colorado
What we want to happen - Does not matter

This game doesn't matter to KC in the standings. Neither Colorado or Vancouver can catch KC in the standings. The only way it would matter is a potential MLS Cup match up of who you would rather
face. If we're looking that way I'd probably rather not have to deal with Camilo, but I don't expect either side to make it that far.

Columbus at New England
What we want to happen - New England win

I only go this route because I personally like KC's chances in a potential playoff match up with the Revolution over other teams in the East. The Revolution need a win and help to get in, but they can only control their part.

Toronto at Chicago
What we want to happen - Chicago win

For the Union to be eliminated, Chicago needs to get a win to go three points clear of the Union and two wins clear (the first tie breaker). So Chicago getting all three points is needed.

Salt Lake at Portland
What we want to happen - draw

A draw is the perfect result in this game for KC. It'd make Salt Lake and Portland's maximum points for the season lower than KC's potential max. That'd mean a win against the Union would have KC finish ahead of both in the Supporters' Shield standings. With both teams ending against Chivas USA, this is probably the best chance for both to drop points.

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