Thursday, October 24, 2013

What We Want to Happen CCL Edition 10/24

Bringing out a Champions' League version of "What We Want to Happen." After last night's draw combined with the San Jose win, Sporting is locked into either the 6 or the 7 seed in the knock out round. The two remaining games can both have an effect on who KC plays.

Houston at Arabe Unido
What we want to happen - draw

A draw has Houston finish ahead of Unido and even with KC on points. KC though would finish as the six seed because of their better goal difference. An argument though can be made to finish below Houston and in the 7th seed because of CONCACAF's weird set up for the knockout round which sees the winner of the series between the 2nd and 7th seed hosting the second leg of the series against the 3rd vs 6th seed winner, no matter which team is the higher seed. An odd standing, but I my reason for picking this result will be apparent in the next result.

LA at Metepan
What we want to happen - LA win by no more than 2.

A result like this combined with a Houston draw would see KC matched up with the Galaxy in the knock out phase. The reason for this? It puts KC against another opponent that will be just coming out of preseason and won't necessarily be in the best form, instead of facing a Mexican league opponent who is in midseason form.

A draw or LA loss in their game could see KC play Tijuana, as could a Houston win/loss. Basically KC is limited to playing four teams depending on results, the Galaxy, Tijuana, Cruz Azul, or Toluca. So pick your poison, it's what KC gets for not winning a single group game at home.

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