Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What We Want to Happen Today 10/16

Only one game today, but it does have ramifications on Sporting and their playoff standings.

Montreal at LA.
What we want to happen - draw

Montreal trails KC by six points and this is their game in hand. A win would put Montreal within three points of KC. On the other side of things a win for LA would put them only one point behind KC. When it comes to KC and potentially hosting MLS Cup, even if they don't win the Supporters' Shield, KC hosts if they finished higher in the standings. So not having LA close the gap too much at the same time Montreal doesn't close the gap is a good thing. A draw would also still mean that KC can clinch a top three spot in the East with a win on Friday.

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aletheist said...

SKC clinches a top-3 spot with a win on Friday even if MTL wins tonight. If MTL loses or draws, then SKC clinches a top-2 spot with a win on Friday.