Sunday, October 20, 2013

What We Want to Happen 10/20

Yesterday couldn't have gone much better for Sporting KC when it comes to the results. KC got the really big one at the end of the night when Portland and Salt Lake drew 0-0. That means there's only one team left in the league that can top KC in terms of maximum points.

New York at Houston
What we want to happen - Houston win/draw

Did you get a little bile in your throat KC fans? Yes we are actually rooting for Houston today. Any result that takes points off of New York is good for KC because it means New York's maximum points can't top KC's. If KC fans really don't want to root for Houston they can just root for a draw. But a Houston win will also eliminate KC's final opponent, Philadelphia. Of course with the Union eliminated it could go either way. The Union could come out with nothing to play for other than play spoiler. Or they could play a few people who haven't necessarily gotten a lot of time to let them play for their job. Either way we want New York to drop points.

San Jose at LA
What we want to happen - San Jose win

A win by the Earthquakes will mean that LA cannot finish above KC in the standings. That will be big if both teams were to make MLS Cup, because then it would be in Kansas City, not LA.

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