Friday, October 04, 2013

What We Want to Happen 10/4

Time for the return of "what we want to happen." With the regular season ending the end of this month, time to take a look at the matches of the day and see what needs to happen to help Sporting KC's position. Cutting in close for tonight's games, but here you go.

Chicago at DC
What we want to happen - DC win/draw

A DC win or draw tonight is one of three things that Sporting KC could use to help them qualify for the playoffs this weekend. KC also needs a win vs Columbus and one of New England losing/drawing with New York and Philadelphia losing/drawing with Toronto. With us wanting New England to actually beat New York to help our Eastern Conference and Supporters' Shield aspirations, we want the game tonight to go DC's way.

Montreal at Houston
What we want to happen - draw

Some people might say they want Montreal to lose to help with their game in hand, but a win for Houston puts them just 1 point behind us. Even though they'd play more games. I'd personally rather have the teams both give up points and not let them catch up too much (or pass in Montreal's case) KC this weekend.

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