Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zusi the Hero of Mexico

Four days after putting in a man of the match performance for the United States in their 2-0 win over Jamaica that clinched the top of the Hex for the USA, Graham Zusi was again the man of the match. This time for a country he doesn't even represent. With the US trailing Panama 2-1 and Mexico trailing Costa Rica 2-1, Mexico was actually on it's way out of the World Cup for the first time since 1990 (and first time without it due to suspension since 1982). Then in the second minute of stoppage time, Brad Davis received the ball out wide and floated a cross into the middle of the box. Zusi made a nice run and headed the ball home to tie the game and give Mexico life. Shortly after Zusi scored, Aron Johannsson scored his first goal for the US to seal the game at 3-2.

The result is funny cause throughout the night you saw US fans openly rooting for Panama in the game, hoping they'd win and knock out Mexico. You saw even more, like myself, who were conflicted we don't want the US to lose, but to see your biggest rival embarrassed by not qualifying for the World Cup is something that you couldn't help but laugh about at their expense. You also saw Mexican fans openly rooting for the US, especially after Mexico went down a second time to Costa Rica. All in all, a crazy night in CONCACAF and a night that proves the excitement of playing all the final games at the same time.


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