Friday, January 25, 2013

Sporting Tie 0-0 in First Preseason Run Out

Today in Arizona, Sporting KC had their first preseason game of the year against the New England Revolution.  Sporting and the Revolution played to a 0-0 draw in a game that lacked many chances for either side.

All the Sporting KC players save for a few got their first taste of preseason.  Missing in action were the previously injured Teal Bunbury, Kevin Ellis, and Jacob Peterson.  All of whom are currently unable to play that the moment.  Of the players that were in Arizona with an unknown status, 4 didn't make the field, Claudio Bieler, Dom Dwyer, Josh Gardner, and Kei Kamara,

Before people start freaking out, all four appeared to miss out due to injuries or fitness issues.  Bieler is the one right now that has missed out due to fitness issues.  The other four, Dwyer, Gardner, and Kamara all missed due to injury.  Dwyer posted a picture on Twitter showing a pretty nasty bruise on his leg.  Which would certainly be a reason for him missing the game. 

Gardner and Kamara are both nursing groin injuries and sat out today's game.  Kamara's lack of appearance in the game immediately started off a whirlwind of questions regarding Kamara's status, especially with Norwich's manager acknowledging that there was interest in Kamara. Later in the day though as Robb Heineman flew back to Kansas City, he had a Twitter question and answer period where he was asked about the Kamara rumors.  He gave two responses that should hopefully give Kansas City fans a little bit of ease.

That still leaves some questions that need to be answered with regards to Kamara's status.  But at this time I wouldn't be worried about Kamra leaving Sporting for Norwich, at least in the winter window.

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