Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jersey Sponsor Coming Thursday?

KC is one of only two teams in MLS to never had a jersey sponsor, along with the Colorado Rapids.  The question with Sporting KC has usually been why they're waiting.  The team has one of the best stadiums in the country and a team that is doing extremely well, one would assume that KC should be able to get a jersey sponsor.  But KC has been selective as they've looked for a deal that they feel works for them.

That selective process sounds like it's coming to an end.  Rumors over the past few weeks have really picked up on KC adding a jersey sponsor to the front of their jersey.  Back on January 4th, Robb Heineman added to the rumor by saying "I think you'll like the draft."  With KC only having the one pick in the draft it seems unlikely that the statement would be in regards to the draft itself.  The assumption is that liking the draft will come from something else. 

The assumption has grown into it being related to a jersey sponsor.  The past few weeks one name has leaked out a few times, Ivy Funds.  I've seen the mutual funds company mentioned by a few different people as a potential sponsor in the last week or two. 

The rumors of Ivy Funds have grown to the point that national soccer media is starting to pick up on it as well, with Jeff Carlisle from ESPN saying that an announcement of the sponsorship is expected on Thursday, draft day.

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