Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Draft Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the 2013 MLS Superdraft.  This year the draft takes place in Indianapolis.  Sporting will have a quiet day overall though.  KC just has one pick in the Superdraft after trading both of their second round picks, for Josh Garnder (a pick acquired from New York originally) and Ike Opara.  Earlier this month, I took a look at how the 14th draft pick has worked out for teams over the years. 

So what does KC need?  KC doesn't have a pressing need, they're looking for depth most likely and a player that can contribute some, especially during KC's busy summer.  Sporting appears to have the luxury of being able to just pick the "best available player" instead of drafting for a specific need tomorrow.

That said, there is one area that I would like to see KC improve their depth, and that's in central midfield.  Two players that I've seen on some mock drafts that I think could fit that are Dillon Powers of Notre Dame and John Stertzer of Maryland.  Both players I feel would slot in well to KC's midfield.

I've also seen some left sided midfielders thrown out there as potential picks for depth, names like Donnie Smith and Blake Smith.  Blake Smith even spent time with KC training which may tip him to be the pick.  I'm not sure I agree with that, KC at the moment would seem to have some left winger depth.  CJ Sapong, Jacob Peterson, and Graham Zusi all have played the left wing position along with Bobby Convey.  KC's fluid lineup transition forces players to play multiple positions throughout the game. 

Personally I think getting a central midfielder is the priority.  That said, the past 2 years or so I've said we needed a center back to help depth wise, and KC's drafted CJ Sapong and Dom Dwyer with their first round picks.  So I expect KC to go a different route than I expect them to go.  They'll probably draft a center back this year.

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Nathan Martin said...

I'd first focus on the best available lefty whether that player is a forward, winger, central midfielder, outside or center back.

If no one's good enough then I'd look for the best available player to fill the void Cesar and Espinoza left by drafting an enforcer in the midfield. Calling all Matt McKeon impersonators.