Saturday, January 05, 2013

Zusi Training Abroad, Ellis Going to CT, and a Rumor

Some news for you on this Friday regarding Sporting KC.

Zusi Training with West Ham

Reports from Yanks Abroad are that Graham Zusi is heading abroad for a training stint.  Zusi is apparently on his way to train with EPL side, West Ham United.  Zusi is leaving tomorrow for London and will spend a week with the Hammers before returning to the US for came with the US national team.

It's a great opportunity for one of the finalists for league MVP award.  And while it's classified as only a training stint, as James put it nicely earlier today, all training stints are trials in a way.  A team isn't going to bring a player in to train with them unless they see something in that player as a potential signing.  Not that I expect West Ham to sign Zusi.  But to think that West Ham aren't at least taking a look at Zusi as a potential player is foolish.

Sporting has apparently declined to comment on the training.

Ellis to Participate in Soccer Night in Newtown

After the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Houston Dynamo president, Chris Canetti set up "Soccer Night in Newtown."  In an effort to "do something" and provide some sort of a distraction, Canetti set up an evening to try to give the people and families something to distract them from the tragedy.  He's been able to bring in players from 14 MLS teams as well as US greats and hall of famers. 

I was disappointed when the initial list came out and there were no Sporting KC players heading out to be a part of this even.  Today came the announcement that home grown player, Kevin Ellis would be heading out to be part of the group that will sign autographs, take photos, and play soccer.  Most people wanted to do something about the situation and I'm happy that Canetti set this up and that Ellis is participating in this event.


Gotta love this time of year.  There are some crazy rumors going around right now.  This one made me just laugh at it's hilarity.  CJ Sapong linked with a move to Arsenal.  That just makes me laugh.  Not that I don't think Sapong is a bad player, or that he can't reach great heights.  But at this time I don't think he's at that level.  This just illustrates some of the crazy rumors that are out there.

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