Thursday, January 10, 2013

FC Kansas City's New Logo

When FC Kansas City unveiled their new logo back in late November, the response to the logo was fairly underwhelming.  I called the logo generic, and I was probably one of the kinder comments in response to the logo.  It reminded me of a rec league logo, not one of a professional sports team.  The logo as a whole probably hurt them with it's generic, and overall poor look. 

FC KC though listened to the comments that were made regarding their logo and today they remedied it in a very big way.  Today they showed off a new logo that looks much better.  It has a much more professional feel and look to it.  Plenty of the comments that I saw today were much more complimentary of the logo.  I really like it, it has a bit of a ying and yang look too it. 

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AshainKC said...

Still pretty lame, better, but lame.