Friday, January 11, 2013

Kempin and All Star Game Update

Kempin Called into U20 Camp

The US U-20 team is preparing for qualifying for the 2013 U-20 World Cup.  The CONCACAF qualifying tournament takes place February 18th through March 3rd in Mexico.  The US will be holding it's last camp with domestic players starting on the 14th in Puebla, Mexico, where the CONCACAF tournament is being held.  Sporting KC goalkeeper, Jon Kempin is one of two goalkeepers called up for the camp.  During the camp the US will play two closed door games against Panama, on the 19th and the 21st.

Kempin will miss the beginning of preseason with the call up, not joining Sporting until January 23rd in Tucson, Arizona.  Kempin will be hoping to impress enough to earn his way onto the US roster for the CONCACAF tournament.

All-Star Game Selling Well Early

Without an opponent known and only a presale for season ticket holders having taken place, KC has apparently sold 50% of the tickets for the game.  That's the word today from Robb Heineman about 6 hours after tickets went on sale for the game.

It certainly hasn't been the most well run situation for season ticket holders though.  This morning at 10am the tickets went on sale to season ticket holders.  Unlike what occurs for most Sporting run events, where STH can only purchase the number of tickets they have on their account, STH were able to purchase up to 4 tickets to the game.  Needless to say this has caused problems, especially in the "hot ticket" section of the Cauldron.  The Cauldron has sold out of it's season ticket holder allotment for the game.  Word is that the Cauldron will get some tickets to sell themselves, but a number of season ticket holders, especially long term ones are being left without Cauldron tickets. 

It's a frustrating thing for those people, especially when given only a 1 day heads up of the presale (3 if you read this blog) to make sure they had the funds and set aside time to purchase the tickets. I've seen a lot of the frustration on the Cauldron Facebook page.  Plenty of it though seems to be directed towards the team which is a little unfair.  The All Star game is basically run by the league, which means they're controlling much of what will go on with the venue for that date, including the ticket process.  Hopefully those people that couldn't get tickets through the presale can get them another way and enjoy the game.

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