Thursday, January 03, 2013

Dwyer Loan Off

Reports out of the UK today are that Dom Dwyer will not be going on the rumored loan to St. Mirren in the Scottish Premier League.  Today on Twitter Dwyer posted "To everyone at St. Mirren, thank you.  Unfortunately, a loan could not be completed, not at any fault of St. Mirren.  Enjoyed it."

Later in a response, Dwyer said it was on the US side.  According to St. Mirren manager, Danny Lennon, the deal fell through.  "MLS and his club have put a stop to the move.  It's a little bit strange after his club initially wanted him to go out on loan but we will move and focus our attention elsewhere."

The circumstances of this move are odd, especially if KC were the ones that wanted the loan.  You got to wonder what the sticking point was that caused the pull out.  Was it the length of the loan?  Did St. Mirren want him through the end of the Scottish season and KC/MLS weren't wanting a loan that long?  Was it a matter of compensation for the move from St. Mirren? It just doesn't make a lot of sense.  There are certainly quite a few questions from this situation.

This loan would have been a good thing for Dwyer in my opinion.  After only playing 3 competitive games his rookie year (45 minutes vs Orlando in the Open Cup, 4 minutes vs Toronto in league play, and 10 vs Houston in the playoffs), getting game action and giving him the opportunity to play more would have been a good thing for the 22 year old.

Based on Dwyer's comments on Twitter he's also disappointed in the lack of a move.  He certainly seems to be interested in getting time somewhere if not in KC. 

Combine this situation with the last two loans KC has had, Scott Lorenz to Minnesota in 2011 and Konrad Warzycha to Carolina in 2012 and KC hasn't exactly had much success in the business of loaning players out.

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hartley said...

Could this have been influenced at all by the fact that MLS Reserves will be playing against USL teams? Probably not. My guess is it had to do with the length of the loan.

Besides, with three competitions to play in, I think Dom will probably get some playing time -- especially early in the U.S. Open Cup.