Thursday, November 17, 2011

Year End Review

One of my personal favorite DVDs, is called "The Treble" the Manchester United 1999-2000 season review DVD. I enjoy putting it in and remembering watching much of that season, especially the Champions' League run while I was in high school.

Sporting KC has done a good job of marketing the team and creating a great following for the team. They've created the Membership site, which is still being developed, but certainly has the best of intentions in place. The next step I'd like to see the team put out is season review DVDs. And I'd like to see step up and make this happen. The 2011 season for KC is one that I think many fans would like to relive. From the rebranding announcement one year ago today, through the draft and preseason in Arizona, to the extended road trip, to the home opener, the long and beaten run, to the loss against Houston in the Eastern Conference final. Sure it's not the ending that we all wanted, but the whole season is one I want to relive over.

For those that don't know, most teams in England at least, put out season review DVDs for fans to purchase to commemorate the season. They have every game and every goal from their team during the season. I'd love to see Kansas City come out with a season review DVD, with commentary from Callum Williams for the games, the goals, the highlights, etc. I think it'd be a perfect way to put a cap on the season for fans. A few years ago when the league had signed a deal with A&E for DVDs I had hopes that would be the start of the season reviews. Unfortunately it only led to about 3 or 4 DVDs being released that I've seen. Sporting KC has shown a knack for creating good videos, the Across the Endline segments and the other videos at half time were really well done and I think the same could be carried over to review DVDs.

Please Sporting KC make this happen.

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Matt said...

I'd buy it. so there's two sales already made.