Friday, November 18, 2011

Comets vs Blast Play by Play

Here's the play by play for tonight's game. Comets are out for warm ups now.

Galaxy Girls dancing now, starting line ups are out, Comets have Waltman, Harris, Gibson, Assadpour, Rodriguez, and Neto. Baltimore have Sagu, Lookingland, Buete, Ferdinand, Watson, and Neto, A.

We're ready to go here in Independence.

1 - 15:00 - Blast kick off, goes down and to Waltman.

Comets control after the kick off, lots of good pass, Assadpouor fires just wide of the near post.

Sustained possession for each side but neither side is able to create chances from it so far/

Baltimore goal. pass off the wall and a scramble in front of goal is turned in by 7 Path Myers 2-0 Blast.12:33 left in the first.

Foul on Rodriguez, Baltimore possession, another small scramble in front of the Comets goal is cleared.

Comets possessing again, and a foul inside the 3 point arc. MO restart.

Shot by Sosa off the restart is blocked. Comets keep possession.

Foul on the Comets, Blast restart. Blast holding possession in Comets half now.

Shot by the Blast wide, under 10 left in the 1st.

Give away in their own end by the Blast, Gibson shot is high and wide off the glass.

Foul against Baltimore in the corner. Gibson to restart

Gibson to Assadpour from the top of the box, but Sagu saves.

Comets possess, though, Geison is played in by Alvarez, but Sagu again with the kick save.

Comets loss possession and Blast slow the game down.

Given away, Comets attack, but then Junge with the foul

Blast restart

Blast with some good opportunities, hit one off the post and they can't turn in the re-bound. Timeout on the floor, Baltimore will have a restart at the top of the box.

Waltman with the save off the restart as it was played wide to Waltman's right. Comets then get the restart.

Substitution warning to the Blast.

Comets hold possession in Baltimore's half, get ball down deep and Sagu collects.

Blast loss possession and Comets attack again.

Comets can't create a clear chance and Blast win possession.

Comets break and Alvarez tries to play Geison, but the pass is broken up.

2 min penalty on the Blast for a foul on Gibson. Blue card to Pat Healey for boarding.

Rodriguez with a shot off the restart saved. Geison with another shot, Sagu saves and holds.

And on the break the Comets pick up a blue card as Rodriguez tripped up the Baltimore attacker, 4 on 4 for 1:30


Gibson won the ball at midfield and dribbled at his defender, cut back inside beating his defender and fired a shot past Sagu, 2-2. 1:30 power play for Baltimore now.

Timeout by the Blast. And the Blast players are having a discussion with the referees during the timeout

Nevermind, still 4v4 right now. Thought the goal ended Baltimore's penalty.

Baltimore possessing, their penalty expires and on the power play the Blast score. 4-2.

too much possession in the Comets half on the power play. Waltman was shielded, Lookingland with the goal.

Comets come right back and Harris fires a shot off the wall and the Blast possess.

Goal Blast. Comets won the ball back shortly, but Blast win it back and counter 2 v 1. Defender commited and Ferdinand collects the ball and slots it past Waltman 6 to 2 Blast.

1 min left in the 1st.

Baltimore possessing again, long ball from Sagu is headed on goal as Waltman got caught between staying and claiming, but he makes the save.

Rodriguez hurries a shot that is easily saved by Sagu.

And that's the end of the quarter 6-2 Blast.

Second quarter

Comets kick off

Quickly won by the Blast.

Comets win a free kick but put the free kick immediately out of bounds and the Blast possess.

Blast play it out of bounds and the Comets take over.

Neither team can keep it in bounds right now.

Free kick at the top of the box for Baltimore.

Blocked by Assadpour.

Baltimore possess for a short while but Comets win it back and then a foul in the Blast's half.

Comets restart

Holding possession but Baltimore's line is holding well as the Comets can't get a shot. Free kick at the top of the arc though for MO.

GOAL Assadpour!

Off the restart, Assadpour powers it past Sagu.

6-4 Blast now, 12 left in the half

Blast possess off the restart and then a foul on the Comets in the Blast's half.

Comets win possession off a long ball.

Possession given away needlessly by Waltman though and the Blast take possession.

HUGE SAVE by Waltman. An attempted headed clearance by Harris went right to Myers 1v1 with Waltman but Waltman makes the big kick save.

Blast hold possession though.

Comets win it back shortly but it's given away to the Blast who possess.

A quick counter by the Comets is broken up but then they win it back in their own end.

Comets shot is headed clear, Waltman collects and the Comets attack again.

Nice ball across the middle, but no one is on the back side.

Baltimore in possession now in the Comets end.

GOAL Blast Watson. dribbles across the top of the box and fires it into the far corner 8-4 Blast.

Timeout Comets, 6:27 left in the half.

Comets kick off again.

Long ball to Alvarez who turns and fires a shot that Sagu collects.

Geison with a volley from the top of the box goes over the goal.

Comets break, Assadpour feeds Alvarez who fires to the back side, but Sosa is a little late arriving and can't put the shot on goal.

Gibson 3 point attempt is blocked and eventually Sagu collects.

SAgu with a good save 1v1 with Geison.

Gibson is fouled just outside the yellow line.

Free kick comes to nothing, Blast possess.

Ball in along the walls, Waltman collects and MO possesses wtih 3 left in the half.

Comets in possession now in the Baltimore half.

Baltimore though is keeping MO from getting deep in the end.

Under 2 and a foul on MO

Baltimore possessing, Junge wins it and almost gives it away but is fouled.

Waltman collects and MO will attack with 40 seconds left.

MO give the ball away though and Baltimore get possession.

And that's the half, 8-4 Blast after 2 quarters.

3rd quarter

Baltimore kick off

torn jersey for Buete for Baltimore after some holding in the box.

Baltimore possessing now, but play it out of bounds. Both sides alternating the playing the ball out again.

3 v 1 for the Blast, but a poor touch allows the Comets to take over for a short time before giving the ball back.

Foul on Baltimore, Comets restart in their end.

Possession for MO.

Baltimore wins a free kick and take possession.

Harris wins the ball back and fires just over the cross bar. 11:40 left

Comets with possession in their own end. And a tripping foul on Baltimore.

Ball played to Alvarez who heads it towards the glass and Sagu collects.

Comets break, Geison with a blast that Sagu knocks down and a foul on the Comets.

Baltimore win possession and then a free kick in their end.

Comets can't clear their own end, and play the ball out of bounds.

Baltimore possess again and win another free kick. 9 left

Lots of possession for the Blast right now, Comets not seeing a lot of the ball.

And when the Comets are getting the ball it's due to a foul, just like now.

Waltman collects a loss ball and the Comets try to break. but it's broken up and Baltimore control again.

And another foul on the Comets.

Comets get a call their way and get possession.

Harris with a 3 point shot that is knocked down by Sagu, Harris follows it up but Sagu covers the rebound. 8-4, 6:19 left and a timeout on the floor.

Comets with the restart.

Waltman tries to pick out Alvarez but the ball is too high for him and Sagu collects.

Comets trying to hit quickly and aren't getting many chances too, they're not getting much on the long ball.

Comets win a free kick in their own end.

Comets offense seems to run out of ideas when they aren't doing a quick counter right now.

Shot by the Blast is high and wide, Waltman collects loose ball, but then it goes out of bounds and Baltimore possesses with just under 4 in the quarter.

And Harris saves one off the line after Baltimore fires one just wide, Waltman got caught out and Harris saved the rebound shot.

Comets free kick, but they're unable to test Sagu on it.

Comets in possession in their own half now.

Baltimore peppers Waltman's goal with a few shots, but all end up going just wide.

1 minute left in the 3rd, Comets and Blast trading possession.

Shot off the wall, Waltman saves it. Ball gets played out of bounds again by the Comets, 27 seconds left.

Sosa fires a shot from long range off the glass, and the Comets have a few late opportunities, but don't get them on goal. Shouts of hand ball on a late shot but the half ends and it's 8-4 still after 3.

4th Quarter

Comets ready to kick off the fourth, down by 4.

Foul at the yellow line, Comets restart.

Junge fires it over it's a restart for Baltimore.

Comets win it right back and possess

Poor give away and the Blast attack, shot blocked for a corner.

Foul on MO for holding.

MO win possession, but poor pass by Gibson gives it back.

Baltimore in possession, shot across the face of goal, no one on the back side for Baltimore. Still they possess though.

Comets in possession now, and a restart in the Baltimore half. Harris fires the shot over though.

Waltman with a nice body save on a bouncing shot.

Another free kick coming for MO.

MO possess and win another free kick.

Comets are going to have to get some shots off some time soon.

Substitution violation on the Comets before the Baltimore restart.

Missouri loss possession, but a heavy touch allows waltman to collect.

and Comets counter and a foul from behind on Geison brings out the blue card.

Comets keeping the ball in Baltimore's end on the power play. But only shot is one wide by Geison.

GOAL! COMETS. Bicycle kick by Geison. A 3 on 1 break for the Comets, Rodriguez fed Alvarez whose shot was block. Rodriguez headed the rebound wide to Geison who didn't make great contact but put it into the far corner to bring the Comets within two.

Comets win a free kick shortly after the restart.

9 minutes left.

Sosa forces a kick save out of Sagu on another counter.

Comets holding possession after the restart.

Rodriguez cuts inside and fires a shot but Sagu holds it still 8-6, under 8 left.

Comets still in possession, making Baltimore chase.

Comets should have equalized there. Sosa fed Hunjak at the back post but Sagu did well to get across and palm the ball away and then a foul on the Comets stops play.


Junge intercepts a through ball, the ball goes to Harris who races up field, feeds the ball to Sosa who fires a shot that was going wide, but Alvarez runs in and knocks the ball into the net tying the game at 8-8 with just over 6 left in the 4th.

Baltimore is looking a little tired here in the 4th. Comets have taken control of the game.

Alvarez puts one off the post.

Blast did well for 3 quarters in limiting the Comets chances but they're getting them in the fourth.

Junge has a 3 pointed kick saved.

Weak foul on Rodriguez there, I thought he won it cleanly.

Waltman collects the loose ball and the Comets attack again.

With 4 left Comets are holding possession.

Free kick as the ball is knocked out by Baltimore.

Under 4 left now, Baltimore control.

Baltimore shot off the post and then Harris blows the rebound shot.

Looked like a bit of a dive on that foul by Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is sprung on the break but the ball gets caught under him and MO reset the offense.

Comets certainly seem to want it more now with just over 2 left.

Harris gives the ball away, but Waltman with a big save and Gibson clears the second chance.

1 min left in the fourth.

Baltimore holding possession right now.

Comets control and call a timeout with 38 seconds left.

Comets control on the restart, but nothing on goal right now.

And that's the end of regulation, we're going to OT.


Comets attacking the goal to your left on your computer screen in over time.

Blast kicking off.

Blast immediately on the attack with possession in MO's half.

Waltman collects and distributes to Alvarez but he loses a 1v2.

Comets win a free kick in their own half.

Comets possess.

possession loss, Blast in control now, making a line change.

Foul on Baltimore, Gibson is down in some pain.

12:24 left in the quarter, Gibson still on the ground being tended to.

This could be a big loss for the Comets if Gibson is really hurt. He's being helped off, definitely not good. Unable to put pressure on his left foot.

He is going just to the box though instead of the locker room, so maybe that's not as bad.

Sagu with a big save there.

Harris then puts a 3 pointer off the post.

Baltimore in possession now with 11 left in OT.

Comets win possession back but a poor pass from Harris gifts the ball to Baltimore.

Baltimore with possession now, came close once, but block by Harris.

Comets win a free kick and hold possession.

Alvarez header forces Sagu low to his near post.

Back and forth now between both teams.

Foul on Baltimore, just outside the yellow line.

Hunjak header cleared away. Sagu wasn't getting across but nice kick save by the defender.

Timeout comets

7:44 left in OT.

Junge shot over the bar.

Comets win possession back but Geison tries to turn and can't get around, but Blast give ball away.

Foul on Alvarez.

Nice juggling by Geison, but Blast win possession.

Blast goal.

6:02 left in OT JT Noone scored off another scramble in front of goal. A couple saves by Waltman and the post, but Noone bundles one into the goal to win the game for the Blast.

Comets control much of OT, but it's the Blast getting the goal.

See you all Sunday. I'll likely be with the family, but if not I'll be back here with a live blog again.

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Just read this blog as I was at the Game last night. It is interesting to see your play by play as I remembered it from the stands.

Thanks for doing this.