Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Look at the Re-Entry Draft List

MLS released the list of players that are available for the Re-Entry Draft next week. Up until Friday team's can still negotiate with their players and potentially reach a deal that would see the player stay with their current club. So fans of Luke Sassano (sorry I'm not sure Shavar Thomas has many fans in KC at this point) don't have to get worried quite yet that the midfielder will not be back. Both Sassano and Thomas did not have their options picked up by the club. If no deal is reached by Friday, then players will go into the first stage of the draft, which takes place on Monday the 5th. In the first stage, teams pick up a player's option or make them a bona fide offer. Per what was released last year, a bona fide offer is considered the same same guaranteed salary they made this past season if they are 25 years old and at least 4 years experience or 105% of their 2011 salary if they are 30 with 8 years. The other potential is a player under 25 with 3 years experience that could be picked up at their option price if their option wasn't picked up.

The second stage on December 12th, there wouldn't be any specific contract requirements.

Last year in the first stage, only one player, Joseph Ngwenya by DC. This year I think we could see a few more players taken, but I think the majority will go in the second round.

When it comes to KC, it'll be interesting to see which way the team goes. There's not really a guy there that I could see coming in and starting, but there are a few players that I think could add some quality depth to the team heading into the 2012 season. Especially with much of our movement so far this offseason being in the midfield, it's possible KC could try to add depth there or in the center of defense. KC could also use another striker on the bench, but I don't see any of the forwards available as ones that would fit well in KC's system. So here's a few players that I think could potential contribute for KC.

Baggio Husidic - Chicago - M - $82,500 - Maybe more of a second stage option if you can get him to take a lower salary, but I think Husidic could be a good depth edition for KC. Drafted the same year as Matt Besler and Graham Zusi, Husidic made 50 league appearances for the Fire in his 3 years with the club. He graduated from the Generation Adidas program last year. I think he could be a good potential back up for Zusi in the midfield.

Ryan Cochrane - New England - D - $70,000 - The 28 year old defender started 22 games for the for the Revolution last year. He too may be a little more expensive than what KC wants to use in the first stage, but could prove to be decent depth in the center of defense. Of course with Daneil Cyrus, Lawrence Olum, and the possibility of Nick Cardenas and center back may not be a requirement for KC.

Jean Alexandre - Salt Lake - M - $42,000 - A more defensive minded midfielder, Alexandre pulled a Diop this past year for Salt Lake filling it at forward as well. The Haitian international could join his countryman, Peterson Joseph. His salary is definitely appealing for KC.

We'll see if KC goes for any of these, or other players.


Howie said...

If Alexandre is available I think they would be crazy to pass on him. I think he would be great at being a useful, cheap backup.

There are worse deals than Hušidić at $82k. I could see waiting until the second stage, but even at his guaranteed compensation (which does MLS use for salary cap purposes?) he is comparable to what they paid Rocastle and Stojcev and I think he is better and younger than either of them.

Mike said...

The number I posted was the cap hit, the base salary.

aletheist said...

Alexandre to San Jose for a supplemental draft pick. Husidic to SKC for the same?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or did anyone else notice that most of the guys you can identify in the "Down the Byline" photo are gone.