Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sporting Interested in Sporting's Lobaton?

Confused a little?

Thanks to The Front Men for tipping this off. Word out of Peru is that Sporting Kansas City is after Sporting Cristal's midfielder, Carlos Lobaton. Lobaton is a Peruvian international with 20 caps for Peru so far. He's played 220 games for Cristal since 2005. Before that he'd for 5 other Peruvian clubs since beginning his professional career in 1998. Lobaton is being linked with both KC and Chivas USA.

Lobaton obviously doesn't fit the description of the Spanish designated player that Robb mentioned, but that doesn't mean he's not on the radar for the team. Lobaton does fill a position that KC was looking to upgrade, at least during the season with Jeferson but that move didn't turn out well. But that doesn't mean KC is going to stop looking for that upgrade. It also doesn't necessarily mean that Lobaton is going to be a designated player either. The draw back is that Lobaton will be 32 before next season even starts for KC, and the trend by the team has seemed to be to try to go younger.

Here's a video of Lobaton's lone international goal for Peru this past July in the Copa America.

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