Thursday, November 10, 2011

Olympic Qualifiers at LIVESTRONG Confirmed

Today Sporting KC confirmed what I'd posted about yesterday. LIVESTRONG Sporting Park will be hosting semifinals and finals of Olympic qualifying. The first round of games will be in Carson, CA at the Home Depot Center and in Nashville, TN at LP Field March 22nd through the 27th. KC will host the semifinals on the 31st and the final on April 2nd. The biggest of the games though will be on the 31st. This is because the top two teams qualify for the Olympics in London. That means win the semifinal and you're in. The US will hopefully make it out of the group stage and to KC. The group stage will consistent of two groups of four. The US, Mexico, Canada, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama have already qualified. The last two spots will be filled by two Caribbean teams.

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oh that was so cool!! I remember I went to one of this events with my sons and they loved it and we had a good time at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park