Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sapong Named Rookie of the Year

photo courtesy Jarred Donalson

The first year end award has been named today, the rookie of the year, and no surprise to anyone, CJ Sapong brought home the rookie of the year award. Most people I think expected the forward to bring home the award, the surprise was going to be in by how much Sapong won by. And in each category of voters, Sapong finished well ahead of the next closest person in each section. The vote by club, Sapong finished with 34.04%, while second place Perry Kitchen finished with 13.83%. In the media vote Sapong finished with 41.99% of the vote compared to second place Kitchen who had 12.71%. In the player vote, Sapong finished with 30.25% ahead of second place Darlington Nagbe. Congrats to Sapong on a fantastic season and look forward to another big season next year.

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Host Pay Per Head said...

I saw him playing two or three games and I think that the decision of naming him as Rookie of the year is well made, he is a very talented player