Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank You Davy Arnaud

photo courtesy Jarred Donalson

So one of the longest careers in Sporting Kansas City Wizards history ended today with Davy Arnaud being traded from Sporting Kansas City to the Montreal Impact for Seth Sinovic and allocation money. I've never been good at eloquently writing down how good a player was for this team or how much I'll miss seeing them in a Kansas City jersey. I've learned that the best way for me to show my appreciation for that player is to look at what I enjoy, some stats and share some of the highest points for that player.

So here's a look at Davy Arnaud's Sporting Kansas City Wizards career.

Arnaud scored the 300th competitive goal at home on 6/25/2005 against Chivas USA. He also scored the 200th league goal away from home, against Colorado on 5/19/2007, and the 300th competitive goal away from home on 8/28/2010 against the LA Galaxy.

He finished his KC career tied with Josh Wolff for the second most league goals in team history with 43. He had sole possession of second place in all competitions. In his career he scored 43 league goals, 4 playoff goals, and 5 Open Cup goals for Sporting KC.

The 2011 season was only Arnaud's second in a KC uniform that he failed to score, the other, his rookie year in 2002 when he only appeared in 6 games.

Arnaud finished 3rd all time for assists in both league play and all competitions with 34 and 39 respectively behind Preki and Chris Klein.

He has the 4th most game winners in league play behind Preki, Klein, and Wolff with 10. He's tied for second with Klein, behind only Preki in all competition game winners with 13.

We all loved Davy's fire as well, although it occasionally got the better of him, he finished with the 2nd most yellow cards in league and all competitions, behind only Kerry Zavagnin. He also is in second for most red cards all time in league and all competitions with 4 and 5 respectively, behind only Nick Garcia.

Arnaud finishes his career with the 3rd most league minutes, with 19,399 minutes played for KC. In the same position in all competitions at 21,607, behind Zavagnin and Garcia.

He finishes his career with KC as the all time league in league appearances with 240, and tied for second with Garcia for all competition appearances with 273.

In terms of starts, he finished in 3rd in both categories with 213 in league and 234 in all competitions.

A career that certainly will make him known to Sporting KC fans for years to come. Davy thank you for your service to the club, and good luck to you in Montreal.


Reepicheep said...

It's kind of sad....not one of the players on your blog picture remain with the team...and the pic isn't that old.

hartley said...

I'm sad to see Davy go, but it seems to fit. He probably wouldn't be getting much more playing time than he did this past season.

Our midfield in the 4-3-3 needs to be younger and faster. I expect Montreal will run a 4-4-2, which will afford Davy an opportunity to play out right or even at the top in the middle.

I will look to when Montreal comes to town so I can go root Davy on just like I did with Jack last season.

Anonymous said...

This man MUST come back as an assistant/manager. Far too soon for him to leave, especially as a player.

Host Pay Per Head said...

well Davy Arnaud was one of the good players that Sporting Kansas City Wizards had, and oh well, transfers are part of the soccer world, I know it is sad sometimes, but it is almost always for the player's best interests